Do you protective style more in the winter or summer?

The weather is turning cooler and many naturals are searching for the protective styles that will get them through the winter. It’s no secret that the curlier or finer your hair is the less you probably wear protective styles. I fall in that category of curlier and while I do like cornrows and flat twists especially, I protective style only periodically whether it be summer or winter. But here’s a secret that I am willing to admit; I protective style more in the summer than in the winter.

Summer is harsh on my hair. Water from swimming (ok, I don’t really swim, I just enjoy the water), constantly manipulating hair to keep cool and sweating from my scalp take their tolls on my hair in the summer. As a result, I love cornrows and twists when it is warm. In the winter I tend to protective style less because it is cold! I need my hair to keep me warm. Further, I do straighten my hair at times during the winter so that is often my style of choice when I go to the salon.

Do I feel bad about any of this? Nope. There is no hard and fast rule that says all naturals have to spend the winter protective styling.

This is not say that winter is not harsh. My hair is significantly dryer in the winter and my scalp is more sensitive as well. To combat dry hair I use thicker moisturizing products and deep condition more than I normally would in summer. I’ve recently discovered that a humidifier can also work wonders for moisturizing hair. Humidifiers work to put moisture back in the air and that added/regulated moisture is just as good for your skin and hair as it is your sinuses.

There is one protective style I’m planning to try this winter though – Marley twists. Stay tuned for more on that adventure.

Box braids from a few summers ago. I really loved them!
Box braids from a few summers ago. I really loved them!

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