Crochet Braids Explained

Hair trends come, go and come again. Crochet braids were popular in the 1990’s and officially came back in 2014. They are an easy favorite for naturals who want to give their hair a rest without turning to updos or braided or twisted styles. But are they not called crochet braids? Yes. They are. The name refers more to the braiding technique than the actual style though.

To install crochet braids you use Marley hair (or another coarser texture of hair) and install with a crochet needle or hook. After installation is complete the hair is blown out and styled as desired. Naturals are loving the style because it offers versatility and is a safer method for installing a weave because no adhesive or threading is used. While not as long-lasting as some other styles, it is cheaper than some if you are going to a salon to get it done and easier to install yourself if you are frugal and handy with styling.

Here is a great video on crochet braids from The ChicNatural, one of my favorite vloggers.

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