Winter Wash and Go

Here in the DMV it is cold! The colder weather and drier air that comes with the winter month often mean necessary changes to wash and go routines. Personally, my scalp has been itching and drier lately. This is a new problem for me, so I thought it might run its course and be cured after a good wash. That was not the case though so I decided to try a scalp product. I purchased the Dr. Miracles Curl Care soothing Elixir. The “Curl Care” line is Dr. Miracles’ attempt at the natural hair boom. If this product is any indication of the rest of the line, we should all probably go out and buy the entire line.

The soothing elixir is amazing even after just one use. Aside from adding a more frequent or rigorous scalp care to your routine, the following may also keep your hair healthy in the winter as you wash and go.

  • Use thicker products to moisturize – for example, creams instead of gels.
  • Be sure to use heat protecting products when diffusing since you will probably do it more often during the winter months.
  • Be diligent with your night-time routine as a good one will help to retain moisture.

I recently posted a video to my YouTube channel about this subject. Check it out!

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