Jammin with my Marley Twists

This weekend I set out to do some protective styling. My style of choice? Marley Twists. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while but had to wait until the weather got cooler. Three hours and nine packs of Jamaican Twist Braid hair later, I had my Marley Twists. Yes, I said three hours. For some that may seem like a long time so sit still but when compared to other protective styles that is a short amount of time to be in the salon. For example, when I did box braids it took seven hours.


I used two colors for the install, the main color was 33B and I used P1B/530 for a  few highlight twists. I did not do this style myself, I went to the salon to get it done.  I trust myself to do a lot of things to my hair, but braiding and twisting are out of my  repertoire. I admire those who are able to do their own installs.

I finally got them done and I live this style!
I finally got them done and I live this style!

When telling the stylist what I wanted, I indicated  that I wanted medium size twists. Letting your  stylist know details such as size and length that you desire is vital. Otherwise you will end up with  a result you probably were not expecting. With  twists as big as mine, they are definitely hard to  manipulate into those cute buns I see everyone  rocking. I’m not saying it is impossible, but I am saying it would take some work and probably be heavier than I’d like. I will try some different styles though.

I expect to keep these in until the week before Christmas. We will see if I get that far though. So far I love the style and as of now I would definitely do this style again. The question now is how easy will they be to remove. You know, I will share the entire Marley journey with you. Stay tuned!

You can learn more about Marley twists on YouTube of course!

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  1. Jess A says:

    These look great! Where did you get the Marley hair from? I have a hard time finding it (I live in a smaller town in Ontario, Canada).

    1. tashahairsay says:

      Hi Jess, I got the hair from a local beauty supply store. However, you should be able to order it online. See if this site ships to Canada. http://www.hairtobeauty.com/Freetress-Equal-Synthetic-Braid-MARLEY-BRAID-p/ftequal_sb_kmb00.htm

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