Pack Light: Tips for Traveling with Hair Products

The holidays are officially here (Thanksgiving is on Thursday) and many naturals will be traveling by plane, train or automobile. Regardless of your mode of transportation, deciding what products and tools to carry with you can be tricky.

You probably do not need half as many products as you are planning to carry. Really all you need is moisturizer, curl refresher, bobby pins or hair ties and whatever you need for your night-time routine – cap, scarf, satin pillow slip.

When traveling by airplane, I always check hair products. The hassle of taking them in a carry-on is just too great. To make sure that the packaging does not combust and to prevent spills, use travel containers instead of the original packaging. Be sure to reinforce no spills by putting whatever containers you are taking with you in a sealed Ziploc bag.

When traveling by car or plane, be mindful or products that may melt or change consistency. If possible, leave such products at home. If you absolutely must have such products, be ready to put them in the fridge when you get to your destination if necessary.

I personally, try not to wash my hair when I am on short trips so I do not carry any shampoos or conditioner with me. If you do a wash day prior to leaving and know your hair can last week, there is no reason to take wash supplies. Plus who wants to take all that time for a wash day while away? Take care of it before you leave so you can enjoy your family.


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