If All Fros Were Equal

Everyone wants what their neighbor, sister, mother, cousin or friend has. That’s how life and love tend to go, so why shouldn’t that be the way of the fro as well? Fros are a beautiful thing. Full, dense, tightly coiled fros with no end in sight. That is not my fro. My fro is a floppy fro. When I first decided to go natural a friend told me that I wouldn’t have a “real” fro, that I would have a floppy fro. She was right. I do have a floppy fro, but it is just as real as any other fro.

It took me a while to appreciate my floppy fro. I wanted a fro like Angela Davis in the 60s. Instead my fro looked like a blowout that go in contact with too much humidity. It surely isn’t densely packed. What if everyone’s fro was the black power standard of the way way back? It would be a beautiful world. But floppy fros are beautiful too.

So how did I come to love my fro? Well, it is big and like a cloud around my head. Who wouldn’t love that? Regardless of your fro, love it. All fros are not created equal and that is a good thing. People need equality, fros and hair do not. Bring on the differences and show me afros in all their glory – dense or floppy.

My floppy, curly fro.
My floppy, curly fro.

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  1. Mary B says:

    love that nice hair!

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