Marley Twist at Week 2

Love this style and the break I’ve had from doing my hair every morning.

Saturday marked the second week of my Marley twists. Going into week 3 the twists are still holding up pretty well with the exception of a few that have some unraveling in areas. The estimation that this style lasts 3 – 4 weeks is accurate and I plan to take them out this coming weekend.

I am using Mane ‘n Tail braid sheen spray to maintain the style. This is my first time trying this particular braid spray and I really like it. I’ve gotten many compliments on the style and I’d definitely do it again.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jess A says:

    They look awesome! I’m glad this is a low maintenance style for you. How many bags of hair did you end up needing? I ordered some Marley hair, but I’m planning on putting it into thicker braid styles, I think. I love its versatility!

    1. tashahairsay says:

      Hi Jess A, I used 9 packs of hair!

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