Annie’s Hair

Orphans in 2014 don’t have it any easier than those in 1982. They still want family and security and there are still lonely millionaires willing to help. They are also still defined by their outragous hair. The movie Annie was originally released in 1982 and starred a little, curly red-haired fro. I’ll just say it, the original Annie sported a tight fro of red curls. The 2015 Annie, while African-American, is sporting a less tightly-curled look.

In the trailer for “Annie,” which will be released nationwide on the title character proclaims after seeing herself in a mirror, “My hair is huge.” The hair in reference belongs to Annie lead actress Quvenzhané Wallis and is indeed huge, but not shaped into an afro. It is also slightly tinted red. 

So what does it all mean for little black girls everywhere? A great deal. For the first time since Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, black girls are in the spotlight. Jamie Foxx also stars in the movie which highlights how some stories are timeless and surprisingly non-racial. Annie is just a movie (and girl) that everyone loves, regardless of race. The universal truth behind the movie is that tomorrow is indeed only a day away and that the American dream will always exists for those who believe in it.

Black women’s hair, much like the bodies of black women, has always been sexualized or politicized, so to see movie studios able to look past that and tell a story about a girl starring a black girl is a step forward. That is not to detract from Wallis’s hair though. It is in its full curly glory, a sight to behold for any little black girl who takes her braids or pigtails out and sees a similar head of hair.

Annie hit theaters today!
Annie hit theaters today!

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