Secrets to Healthy Relaxed Hair

Gasp! I know. This is a blog that for the most part focuses on natural hair care. While the number of black women wearing their hair in its natural state continues to be on the rise, it is still important to stress the health of hair as opposed to being natural versus using chemicals to change the texture of it. Relaxers do not automatically mean unhealthy hair and being natural does not automatically mean healthy hair. There are plenty of naturals out here with unhealthy hair because they are either improperly taking care of it or assuming that natural hair means less maintenance.

While naturals suffer from tangles and knots, product overload and length plateaus,natural AND relaxed women may find themselves dealing with some of the same issues such as high salon costs, breakage and styling ruts.

Healthy hair starts from within, so unless you are making changes to diet and activity/exercise level you are just scratching the surface by going natural. After making overall health changes, the next biggest factor in healthy hair is using the healthiest products. These include products that do not contain parabans or harsh and artificial chemicals and ingredients. Hence the turn to coconut oil, shea butter and other all-natural hair products that we have seen in recent years.

Both of the above changes can be made whether you wear your hair natural or use relaxers.

Another way to keep relaxed hair healthy is by keeping heat use to a minimum. If wrapping hair and sleeping in a stain bonnet, scarf or on a satin pillowcase, you should have to flat-iron or curl your hair every day to maintain the look.

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