The Importance of Fros and Beaus

Fros and Beaus is a social media sensation. The Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts are steadily growing in number. So what exactly is this phenomenon? It is a space on the interweb where women with natural hair and the men who love them are celebrated. Let me say that again. There is a place on the internet celebrating black women and the men (who are definitely not always black, and I’m totally cool with that) who love them. Many bloggers show up on the feeds of this site and both women and men send in their pictures to be recognized on the Fros and Beaus social media platforms. 10693320_1473738429559595_706811098_a

The importance of such celebration and love can barely be expressed in one blog post. As a woman with a fro who has a beau I love to look at the pictures of other happy couples. The odd thing is I’d love it just as much if I was single. Couples of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds are featured. Some have children and some don’t. Some are marred, some are engaged and some are working their way through the initial phases of a relationship. The pictures show couples in their homes, out on dates, enjoying tropical vacations, riding in cars, and more. Both men and women can look at these pictures and think “I want that or something similar one day,” or “I’m working toward that.”

Black women are often left out of the discussion of happy relationships and too often looked at as sad statistics. According to a study the Pew Research Center released in 2014, 36% of black men and women age 25 and over had never been married in 2012. However, if you take a step back to look at the big picture, the true story is that people of all races and ethnicities are waiting later to marry. The same study stated that one in five adults ages 25 and older had never been married in 2012. The world is a different place than it was in the 1960’s. Both men and women go to college at a higher rate and women’s opportunities in the workplace are steadily increasing despite unfair pay practices. All of this easily leads to waiting to get married. Fros and Beaus though shows real women and real men living real lives. It’s fashionable and fresh and we love it because it is something most people in my generation have never seen on a grand scale. Black women in love and men celebrating their natural beauty and being. It’s a beautiful thing.

Fros & Beaus on Facebook:

Fros & Beaus on Instagram: @frosandbeaus

My beau and my fro (in a protective style).
My beau and my fro (in a protective style).

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