In Support of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up in less than a week; it will be here in four days to be exact. Each year it seems that the hostility towards the greeting card holiday becomes more vicious. Many men say it’s too commercialized and simply a way for the greeting card, candy and restaurant industries to make some quick bucks. Others say they treat their women like gold the entire year though. I’m not arguing against either of these schools of thoughts, but I will argue in favor of Valentine’s Day.

For single women, it’s a day that reminds them of their single status. For attached women it can be a day of love and affection shown to the 100th degree or smaller loving gestures. Or it can be a day of anxiety and disappointment for those attached women who date men that 1) don’t know how to plan a real date 2) Figure there’s no need to show any extra appreciation (ever) and just assume they can float by on what they already do in relationships or 3) don’t value their woman and really don’t care to do anything extra for her.

It takes two seconds to make a reservation and you can get flowers for literally $5 at Trader Joe’s so there is really no excuse to not do SOMETHING for Valentine’s Day. A day devoted to love is a nice idea. No it’s not celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ (gotta love Christmas), but he was all about love and he’d probably approve. So take it for what it is or leave it for what it isn’t.

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