Shampoo Quandry

Today’s post is all about shampoo.

Shampoo is many things in the world of natural hair – controversial to some, necessary to some and unnecessary to others. Unlike some naturals, I do not abhor shampoo. In fact, I believe you need it. Many curly-haired women use products galore and are greatly benefited by the clarifying qualities of shampoo.

When looking for a good shampoo I look for two main things. Is the lather good and does it meet my hair’s needs. My hair needs moisture, shine and removal of product build up. If you find a shampoo that you like, there is probably not a need to stock up like you do for conditioner. Most women use way less shampoo than conditioner.

One question I always get asked is should you switch up shampoos. My answer is yes. I believe that unlike other hair products, shampoo your body and scalp do tend to get used to shampoos and they are ineffective if you use the same one for years. Of course this is not always true because companies are constantly changing formulas and often switching is not necessary. shampoo-clipart-canstock15061097

In my arsenal of shampoos, I have a few. My favorite shampoo right now is the Organix Kukui Oil shampoo. I also have the L’Oreal Evercurl shampoo, Mane n’ Tail shampoo and Blousey shampoo from Lush. If your hair is naturally curly, I suggest any of these shampoos. They have all worked for me and I’d purchase all of them again.

Shampoos range in the level of lather they have and that usually depends on ingredients. The more natural ingredients a shampoo has, the less lather it is likely to have. In that lineup I listed as shampoos that I own, the Blousey shampoo has the least lather.

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