Knot Away: Safely Removing Fairy Knots and Tangles

Natural hair is a beautiful thing, but the myth that is easier and less expensive to care for than relaxed hair is very real. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, natural hair requires just as much care and upkeep as natural hair. Natural hair is not automatically healthy hair. One of the foremost ways to keep it healthy is to perfect your detangling routine.

When it comes to detangling, it is always safety first! Yanking and pulling will only make tangles worse. As a self-proclaimed natural hair guru and enthusiast, I’m the first to admit that detangling is my absolute least favorite part of being natural. But I do it regularly and have come to a point where it is taking me less and less time to do so.

First and foremost, you must realize that there are different kinds of tangles. One we often hear about is the fairy knot. So what is that? Fairy knots are single-strand knots that usually form in hair that has been manipulated and left free i.e. not put into a protective style. They are annoying because they are small and hard to untangle. Ends are especially prone to fairy knots. To combat these bad boys keep hair well oiled and moisturized. The drier the hair the more likely it is to become tangled and knotted. Use oils to add slip when wearing your hair out and to seal in moisture.

Another way combat fair knots is to wash hair in sections. Yes, this can make wash day longer, but there are many benefits to washing, detangling and drying hair in sections. If you do not wash in sections your hair is more likely to get fairy knots in it during washing which will increase your detangling time out of the shower.

Not all tangles are fairy knots though. Personally, I have not had to deal with fairy knots. My issue is more just tangled masses of hair. This makes sense because my curls are often in chunks of curls. So when they tangle together it is a larger mass. To detangle hair like this, you HAVE to start from the bottom. You cannot detangle hair root to tip, you have to do it tip to root. I almost exclusively finger detangle and I sometimes use a tangle teezer.  People either love or hate the tangle teezer. I love it. I was skeptical whether it would work or not but it really does.

The Tangle Teezer! It is my friend.
The Tangle Teezer! It is my friend.

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