Primed and Ready

Today’s blog posts documents my foray into facial primer. For a long time I figured I did not not need primer because I’ve never had an issue with makeup staying put and am blessed to not have too many blemishes. However, as a makeup lover I figured I’d give primer a try.

When buying a makeup item that I do not really need I usually look for something cost-efficient. As I was perusing the Ulta aisles I decided to start with a simple drugstore brand and looked through options from Covergirl, Maybelline, etc. My only requirements for choosing a primer was that it was suitable for all skin types and under $20. I finally settled on Prestige Primed and Ready Face Primer which cost me $11.49.

The primer works to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores and has a matte finish. First, the matte finish. I love it. I am usually not a fan of matte finishes, but this one is great. To use it, I apply to my freshly-washed, moisturized face and blend with fingertips. I then apply my foundation and the rest of my makeup.

The primer really does give me a smooth pallette to work with and my makeup definitely last all day. If you look at reviews of it online you will see that they are very positive.

I defintitely do not use it every day, but when I am attending events or have plans after work I use it to ensure that my makeup stays fresh.

Lipstick is Mary Kay Pink Melon.
Lipstick is Mary Kay Pink Melon.

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