Product Review: Shea Moisture Kids extra-moisturzing detangler

Recently I had the opportunity to test out the Shea Moisture KIDS extra-moisturizing detangler on an adult and a child. Both of my testers liked the product.

On the child, who is six, I used the detangler and also tried out the KIDS Coconut and Hibiscus curling cream, which her mom really liked for creating twists. First, I’m going to talk about the detangler. This detangler was great. I have not tried very many Shea Moisture products on myself but did try this and often recommend them to those who are transitioning or looking for an affordable, well-respected brand. The detangler was actually pretty moisturizing and instantly seemed to soften and untangle knots. It was easy to get the comb and then the blow dryer attachment through both adult and children’s hair with no pulling and few complaints. I used the detangler on wet, freshly washed hair but it could easily be used to detangle dry hair a few days after a wash-and-go.

Now for the KIDS Coconut and Hibiscus curling cream. To me, the smell of this product was a little strong, but the mom who tested this out for me on her daughter had no complaints about it. She raved about the softness of her daughter’s hair after using and the twists maintained shine and form long after they were initially formed with this product. It is rare to find a relatively light cream that has staying and definition power, but this one really does. It did not cause any flakes and is truly one of the better products for kids I’ve tested. However, if you are looking for a cream that will do double duty and moisturize AND set twist, you should try this yourself, regardless of your age group. Shea Moisture is getting it right with its KIDS line and I would recommend either of the products I’ve tried to any of the little ladies I know.

My model's hair after washing and using the Shea Moisture Kids line and blowing out.
My model’s hair after washing and using the Shea Moisture Kids line and blowing out.

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