The Many Benefits of Honey and How I use it on my Hair

There are many benefits of honey. To me, it is a super ingredient and a must have around the house. You can use it internally and externally of course and while we probably all know how to use it as a sugar substitute, you may not realize all of its other uses.

I’d been hearing for a while that some people really love honey for their hair. Until a few months ago I had been pretty scared to try it. I mean, honey is sticky and sometimes hard to work with, but I was wanted to make my own pre-poo and decided to use it as a base. To create my pre-poo and scalp treatment I use only three ingredients – raw honey, Shea oil and avocado oil. I work the oils and honey together until my mixture is creamy and workable. Then I just go for it. The results are pretty amazing. With this, I can skip my soothing scalp elixir and any product buildup is instantly gone. I use the raw honey from Trader Joe’s and got the Shea and avocado oils from Sally’s Beauty Supply. honey

So why raw honey? Raw honey is just what its name signifies – a honey that is closer to the pure form it is in when first produced by honey bees. It is produced and packaged with fewer additives and heat which could strip it of its natural properties and value.

Honey has been shown to do all of the following. My favorite ways to use it are for a great pre-poo and also working it into body scrubs.

Five Ways to Reap the Benefits of Honey

  1. Reduce cough and throat irritation. This is probably one of the most well-known uses of honey. You can either take a small amount of it on its own or add it to your tea or other remedies. Also, purchase cough drops, lozenges and cough syrups and medicine with honey as an ingredient.
  2. Use it as a hair conditioner. This is my favorite way to use honey. It really leaves your scalp clean and adds so much shine.
  3. Fade scars. Honey is great for fading scars and dark spot. You can apply it directly to the trouble area or mix it with another product you are using.
  4. Refresh your lips. Raw honey, brown sugar and lemon juice is probably the simplest lip scrub you can make and it works. You do not have to pay a fortune for beauty treatments. Try this in the winter/dryer months and follow-up with a good lip conditioner like Rose oil or balm and you will have beautiful lips.
  5. Cook with it. Honey is easy to incorporate into sauces, dressings and icing recipes that you already know and love. It is also a great alternative to butter if you like to but butter on your bread.

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