Do No Evil: A Guide to Using Hair Accessories and Products for your Daughters

Hair accessories are a great accent to many hair styles for young children but parents should beware, as they may actually be harming your daughter’s hair growth and health. Now more than ever we see babies as young as newborn wearing headbands with floral adornments, bows and head wraps. The accessories are cute and make for some pretty fashionable kids, but they can easily cause damage to your child’s hair and for younger girls, even their skulls.

At birth a baby’s skull is not fully where it will be later. You may notice mis-shaping and soft spots and this is normal. Since most of know this, I am begging all of you moms out there to refrain from using tight head bands or wraps. Let your baby’s skull fully take shape and let soft spots go away before you use hair accessories. If you insist on using them in professional pictures, remove them after each use and do not fully put them on. For instance, if possible, leave the back of a headband off of the head in pictures where no one will see it so that the band is not tight all the way around the head. Do not use heavy headdress and if you do, tie them extremely loosely or use a rubber band to make a faux tie before placing on the head. Kidsbday

It becomes safer to use headbands and accessories as your daughter grows. One important thing to do is to listen to your daughter, no matter how young. If he is removing the headband or fidgeting with it, take her seriously and remove the band as it is most likely causing her discomfort.

Aside from hair accessories, there are also many questions about using products on hair for babies and infants. Some moms want to begin using creams and gels to soften and manage hair as soon as its true texture begins to develop. I understand the desire to do this, but don’t. For infants, use a gentle shampoo like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to wash hair a few times a week or as needed. At this point, you should not be using gels, mousse or other styling aids.

Once the hair grows out more, you can begin using other or heavier products, but even they should be used sparingly. When it is time to start using products and really styling the hair, shop around for what works best for you and your baby. Most natural hair products are gentle enough to use and there are a number of brands that have lines dedicated to kids.

Another word of advice, do not relax your daughter’s hair. That’s it, plain and simple. When checking with women my age (in their 30s) most of us remember getting relaxers around middle school. When speaking to younger women and girls, that time frame becomes much earlier, with some getting them as young as second grade. Let’s hope this cycle of chemical straightening will soon be over since mothers and grandmothers are now going natural and understand the importance of avoiding such harsh chemicals and actually know how to style natural hair now.

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