Five Ways to Reduce the Cost of Protective Styling

Protective styling is a must at every point in a natural’s life, whether it is done to enhance the health of the hair or simply to give you a break from styling. However, going to stylists and braiders can be expensive, especially when you have daughters who need styling services too. So how do you cut down on costs? I have some suggestions.

Beautiful African American Woman Laughing

  1. Wash and blow your hair out at home. This is the easiest way to shed some dollars off your bill when going to the salon for services. Instead of having them wash, condition and blow your hair our, do it yourself before leaving home.
  2. Remove your own braids. All stylists charge a separate fee for removing braids. While it can be tedious to remove smaller braids and twist, removing larger ones are easier and you should be able to do it yourself with few problems after a few tries. You can also always get some help from friends and family when removing braids. Two sets of hands are better than one. Also, add oil or detangler to add some slip to your braids when removing them. This makes it easier to remove each extension.
  3. Shop around. While it may be exciting to find a great stylist, always shop around before committing to one salon or person for protective styling. If you are willing to drive further, you may be able to find a cheaper stylist.
  4. Search for independent braiders. Getting your hair braided in someone’s apartment is bound to be cheaper than going to a salon because you are paying solely for the services being provided. You are providing the hair and wash service. Ask around at work, church, networking events about protective styles when you see someone with a style you like. You can also search websites such as Craig’s List and even Yelp for individuals who provide braiding services.
  5. Carry your own hair to the salon. Don’t pay a premium for hair the salon. Carry your own hair and save some money. The only caveat with this is to be sure you know how much hair is needed to complete the style.

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