A Change…Will Do You Good

My hair! I cut it! Yes, it is true, I cut my hair into a bob. This is not the first time I have cut my hair and the world (as you can see) has not come to an end. Black women are always hung up on hair length, often making the proclamation that while short cuts are cute on others, they’d never cut their hair themselves. My question is, “Why not?”

I cut my hair because I wanted a change and because the ends which still had a good amount of color present were so much dryer than the rest of my hair that was new growth and had no color. So I decided to get a cut, get rid of the color and the result is what I believe to be a more stylish hair do that I can easily wear straight or curly.

Here are some pics of my new cut worn curly and straight.

Bob cut straight.
Bob cut straight.
My new haircut worn curly.
My new haircut worn curly.

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