How to Buy Plus-Size Lingerie


There is a right and wrong way to do everything and most plus-size women are buying lingerie wrong. So how do you purchase it correctly? I’m here to help. First and most important, forget about size. Lingerie sizes rarely coordinate with the sizes you wear for actual clothes or even bra size and if you try to follow your general size you are bound to be frustrated. Second, realize that fit also depends on what type of lingerie you are purchasing – a teddy is going to fit differently than a chemise.

If you have a larger bust, focus on that area when choosing lingerie. How many times have you went to purchase something and got that pregnant look or had a hard time smoothing the back of your lingerie piece. Those bumps and trouble areas are due to an ill-fitting bra/chest portion of the item. As a rule of thumb, I go up a size in the chest when purchasing lingerie items from all of the major players including Lane Bryant and Torrid. Another good idea, try it on! Most stores will let you try teddies, chemises, sleepwear, and even bras on. Also, ask questions and gasp, get measured. Knowing your true measurements can change your life when it comes to purchasing clothes period and it is no different when it comes to lingerie. So you wear a size 18, but what is your waist measurement? Clothing sizes are arbitrary and fits vary by store, so knowing your measurements is important.

Another tip for all of the plus-sized ladies out there who want to show off their sexy side is to not be afraid to splurge. I am not a fan of spending a lot on lingerie, but it is definitely something where “you get what you pay for” applies. When you are in the dressing room or on the sales floor, test the quality of the product. Tug at the lace a little, check out how secure the buttons and adornments are. Don’t break anything! But take a casual look to evaluate the true quality of the product. So where do I shop at for lingerie? My favorite place is online at Hips and Curves. Right now I am loving the Chantal Open Cup Babydoll and for more practical purposes, the Venise Lace Trim gown.

Of course I also hit up Lane Bryant when I need something quick. I know that many women complain about Lane Bryant’s price point, but no lie, the lingerie is excellent quality. Check out the store’s new Sophie Theallet collection when you get a chance.

My favorite places for lingerie and intimate apparel shopping (in order):

  1. Hips and Curves
  2. Lane Bryant
  3. Torrid
  4. Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack

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