Mixing it Up with Eco Styler

Until earlier this week, I was one of those naturals who had never tried EcoStyler. I know, hard to believe. EcoStyler gets rave reviews from some and its biggest complaint is that it dries hair our or makes it crunchy for others. There are various styles of EcoStyler and I have had the EcoStyle Krystal Styling gel with my hair products for a while and just had not tried it.

EcoStylercurlsAfter wearing my hair blown out for a week and a half it was time to wash again this past week and I decided to try the EcoStyler. Not knowing how it would work, I decided to mix it with another product – Carol’s Daughter Marula Diffusing and Styling lotion. The Carol’s Daughter product is pretty interesting and on its own I find that it does not have enough hold, so I do not use it a lot. However, I pretty much love this combination. EcoStyler

I mixed two teaspoons of the EcoStyler with a few squirts of the Marula cream, stirred together and then scrunched into my hair which had already been shampooed, conditioned, and detangled and to which I’d already added leave-in conditioner. The results surprassed what I initially envisioned and equated to soft, elongated curls.

If you’ve tried EcoStyler before and found it too hard on your hair or that it makes your curls too crunchy, cut it with a light cream or some coconut oil.

Also, remembert that there are at least eight different kinds of EcoStyler, including EcoStyler Protein, which you can also use on synthetic hair and EcoStyler Curl and Wave.

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