Treating Myself for my Birthday Weekend

2284311_HiResIt’s freezing, so that obviously means it is almost my birthday. I’ve had a tradition since I was a kid. On my birthday I don’t do work. It’s against my Tasha religion. And then I TREAT MYSELF. Yeah, it goes something like this:

So what will I be treating myself to this year. Well, last year I went completely crazy and treated myself to a full body wrap at Red Door spa. This year, probably braids. And a hot stone pedicure. And a manicure. And possibly a full body wrap. I kid. No full body wrap. I also treat myself to only the best cupcakes or cake. Why not?

So what are the benefits of treating yourself? Everything! Treating yourself is paying yourself. I pay rent. I pay traffic tickets. I pay way too much for the cable monopoly that exists in Northern Virginia. So if I want to treat myself on the day I was born, I’m doing it — balling on a budget.

This tradition started when I was a kid. My parents would let me stay home from school on my birthday and my dad would take me to Toys ‘R’ Us to get whatever I wanted. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I’ll share whatever I treat myself to after my bday, which is not until the end of January (the 29th to be exact), but I’m making reservations now.

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