Riding the Wave

Over the holidays my nephew told me in great detail his process for cultivating his waves. I had no idea he went through so much trouble. His process even involves the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Yes, you read that right. Another favorite of his is a system that he stumbled across online, Cold Label. A few months ago he purchased the set from Cold Label which included four products – the wave and scalp butter, Wolfin pomade, 7 juices and Ultra shampoo. Sorry, the set is currently sold out.

So what is the secret to killer waves? According to my nephew and plenty of men on YouTube, brushing. It’s all about brushing. And you can’t brush with just any kind of brush. No, you need to have a brush that is guaranteed to make waves. You also need to brush a lot. Count those brush strokes men!

Here are some tips on how to perfect your 360 wave look:

  1. Get a haircut. Before you begin your wave journey cut your hair with the grain in a classic caesar cut.
  2. Use a men’s “hand” brush (a brush that doesn’t have a handle).
  3. Stock up on shampoo, conditioner, hair lotion and pomade. Also be sure to have a nylon or spandex du-rag or stocking cap.
  4. Be ready to work. Once you begin your regimen, be ready to keep it up.

Do your work and you could end up with waves just as good as my nephew’s.


This man’s waves go everywhere and his friends also take pride in their hair. Pictured here with two of his buddies, one who has lovely dreads.


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