Product Review: Mixed Chicks Morning After Redefining Foam

Mixed Chicks has done it again. Darn it! This is way out of what should be my price range right now, but I had to try this redefining foam. Honestly, I love it and would pay even more than the $14.99 if someone twisted my arm extremely hard.

The foam is a curl refresher but much less messy than some others on the market. It is lighter and more hydrating than a mousse, though you should not take that a cue to skip applying a moisturizer after you use the foam. I liked this product because like other Mixed Chicks products I have tried it is high quality and does exactly what it claims it does.

To apply, just put some in your hand, rub together and pat onto hair. Instantly your curls will be refreshed and bounce back. What is amazing is that I’ve also used this on roller sets and gotten fabulous results. A huge plus of this product is that unlike some refreshers, you do not need to wet your hair to use it.


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