The Best of the 2017 Met Gala

Last night the most fashionable men and women in Hollywood strutted their most interesting looks on the Met Gala red carpet. As is usual the fashion at the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit ranged from amazingly fabulous to weird to just plain ugly. I choose to focus on the fabulous.

My favorite look of the night came from Rose Byrne. First let me be clear. I’m biased and girl crush hard on Ms. Byrne. However, I think we all can agree that she slayed in her deep v-neck, red dress and her big curls! I was very impressed with her hair and whoever did it is to be applauded. I also like that she was bold enough to pair the red dress with a red lip.


Next let me tell you about Zendaya. For such a young woman, this lady has quickly become one of my red carpet favorites. Like Byrne she also rocked big hair. The best picture I’ve seen of her whole look was taken by Benjamin Norman for The New York Times and is below.


Another favorite of mine was Selena Gomez. Hear me out on this one. Yes, she didn’t take any risks and yes I’m already over her being all over The Weekend. But the girl is gorgeous dahling and seems to be enjoying life? I mean is it up to me to make that call? Does it matter for this blog post? Maybe so. Maybe not. But she knows what looks good on her and obviously has an amazing stylist as I’ve never seen her look bad.

If you didn’t come here for all of the talk about fashion and just want to hear about hair, check out who made Allure’s list of best hair at the gala.

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